Forgiveness Map

Map & Poster

The Road to Forgiveness powerfully and vividly illustrates the journey from pain and anger to the freedom found in forgiveness. Formatted as a map, this colorful and practical resource conveniently folds to 4 ½ by 11 inches and opens to 22 by 28 inches. This tool is being used effectively by counselors, therapists, group leaders, pastors, as well as hurting individuals personally dealing with past offenses and desiring to move beyond.

Graphically designed, the Road to Forgiveness:


  • Provides a visual picture of the multi-faceted journey to forgiveness
  • Depicts the choices the hurting sojourner must carefully consider
  • Portrays common emotions experienced in the forgiveness journey—hurt, anger, depression, bitterness, despair, courage, hope, relief, joy, comfort, freedom
  • Captures the reader’s attention with thought-provoking quotes
  • Pictures emotional quagmires where individuals may feel stuck
  • Engages the reader in identifying his or her location on the map and provides directions for moving forward

The simple, practical narrative on the back of the
Road to Forgiveness:


  • Amplifies on what forgiveness is and is not
  • Explores the emotional, cognitive, and relational components of the forgiveness process
  • Clarifies the steps to preparing the groundwork for forgiveness
  • Provides insight into the possibility of restoring relationships
  • Chronicles the journey one step at a time from identifying the injury to releasing the injustice and experiencing forgiveness
  • Clarifies in an honest and sensitive manner, the complexity and simplicity of the forgiveness journey


The Road to Forgiveness:
Instructional Activities for Children

Instructional Activities for Children:

  • Provides a wealth of illustrations, visuals and activities that enables a counselor, educator or parent to confidently explain the Road to Forgiveness Map to a child
  • Invites the child to experience the deeper concepts of forgiveness through hands-on learning activities



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