DVD Sessions Include:
  • Introduction (12:25)
  • Identify the Injury (17:25)
  • Calculate the Losses (3:14)
  • Own your Burden (7:25)
  • The Valley of Depression (7:28)
  • Bitterness Pt.1-4 (42:00)
  • The Dungeon of Despair (8:21)
  • Mourn the Loss (6:00)
  • Decide your Identity (3:20)
  • Choice Ahead (9:30)
  • What is Forgiveness (4:53)
  • When You Hurt Someone (11:40)
  • When Someone Hurts You (2:30)
  • The Bridge of Reconciliation (12:53)
  • Moving Forward (1:20)
How to use this DVD:
  • Small groups, Sunday School classes,
    or as an individual study. Play the
    DVD segment as an introduction to the related topic in the Bible Study. Suggested number of sessions - 10 to 12.
  • Counseling sessions. Play video clips
    that relate to a client's needs.
  • Stand-alone instructional DVD
  • The Road to Forgiveness Bible Study facilitates application of Biblical truth presented on the DVD.www.TheRoadToForgiveness.com
  • The Leader's Guide and additional tools are offered as a free download from www.TheRoadToForgiveness.com


Using The DVD With The 12 Week Bible Study



Road To Forgiveness DVD

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Forgiveness Special

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