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Someone has hurt you.

Perhaps it was someone you trusted or maybe it was a stranger. You pray. You read your Bible. All the while, you struggle inside yourself, trying to fight down the anger, the depression, the urge to strike back. People tell you, "Just Forgive"But it's not.that.easy.

The Road to Forgiveness Bible Study



        Grounded in Scripture and supported by forgiveness research, The Road to Forgiveness Bible Study will guide you to your destiny -- healing and freedom. Along the way you'll discover that feelings -- like anger, grief, and fear -- are all normal and to be expected. You'll learn how to avoid common emotional pitfalls and how to escape if you fall into them. You'll practice and cultivate the skills that must be used in order to deal with pain in a healthy manner. And you'll learn what it takes to mend broken relationships, where possible, and what it takes to release a grudge, even if a relationship is beyond repair.

     Whatever your hurt, whatever your journey has led to so far, it's time to learn how to let go. This study can allow you to follow God's path to an unburdened heart -- healthy, whole and free.

"I found this study invaluable in not only digging deep into the Word but also opening up the lives of the people in our Bible study group. The results included significant insights and life change. Highly recommended!!"

                -- Doug Hazen -- Northwest Church Connections Director for World Venture

"This class gave practical tools and gentle guidance; it helped in ways I didn't realize I needed when we started the course."

                -- Bible Study Participant

Road To Forgiveness
Bible Study

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